Should Hollywood Bring Actors Back from the Dead with CGI?

Lifestyle The death of Carrie Fisher, coming as it has amidst the theatrical run of a Star Wars film in which her likeness (see above) was recreated through computer-generated imagery, raises a provocative moral question regarding the future of filmmaking. Should Hollywood bring actors back from the dead using CGI?Rogue One does so with another character, Grand Moff Tarkin, played in the 1977 original by the late Peter Cushing. The inclusion of Tarkin in Rogue One made sense within franchise continuity. The devious Imperial governor played a central role in A New Hope, commanding the Death Star superweapon which again features prominently in Rogue One. Despite that, Disney could have taken a different approach to including Tarkin than the one they chose. They could have simply recast the...

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Jan 2nd 2017
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