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Summary: A young Jewish man in a concentration camp has his life saved when executioners realize he owns a Persian book. Brought before a camp officer who wants to learn Farsi, Gilles agrees to teach him despite not knowing a word of the l...
Runtime: 2 h 07 min

Countries: Russia, Germany, Belarus
Language: German
Movie budget: $ 4,000,000
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Summary: Western frontiers of the USSR, 1942. The region is under German occupation. A man is wrongly accused of collaboration. Desperate to save his dignity, he faces impossible moral choice.
Runtime: 2 h 07 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Domestic: $ 11,894
International: $ 174,944
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Summary: After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors of World War II.
Runtime: 2 h 22 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian
Domestic: $ 71,909
International: $ 20,857,739