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  • Framestore
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Summary: An elderly ex-serviceman and widower looks to avenge his best friend's murder by doling out his own form of justice.
Runtime: 1 h 43 min

Language: English
Movie budget: $ 7,300,000
Domestic: $ 1,818,681
International: $ 8,552,770
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Summary: Five friends set sail and their yacht is overturned by a strange and sudden storm. A mysterious ship arrives to rescue them, and what happens next cannot be explained.
Runtime: 1 h 39 min

Language: English
Movie budget: $ 12,000,000
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Summary: In 1937, a teenager is cast in the Mercury Theatre production of "Julius Caesar", directed by a young Orson Welles.
Runtime: 1 h 54 min

Movie budget: $ 25,000,000
Domestic: $ 1,190,003
International: $ 1,146,169
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Summary: The hosts talk about everything car-related. From new cars to how they're fueled, this show has it all.
Release Date: October 20, 2002
Runtime: 1 h 00 min

Production: Framestore
Language: English
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Summary: A country relocation leads cousins Julian, Dick, Anne and tomboy Georgina to unite and investigate mysterious happenings, thwarting a notorious drug smuggling operation with help from their dog Timmy.
Release Date: September 10, 1995
Genres: Adventure, Family
Runtime: 0 h 25 min

Language: English