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Dutch cinema (White, or almost completely White cast)

Dutch films that have a cast that is White or almost completely White.
Items: 12
May 29th 2024

Palate Cleansers

Relatively light hearted episodic shows you can watch randomly in between sequential heavy dramas.
Items: 8
May 24th 2024

Summer Kino

Films with a cool summer feeling. Tried to skew slection towards films with comedic elements and less serious plots.
Items: 14
May 20th 2024

NEET/Incel/MGTOW protagonists

Haven't finished all of these, this is also a TO WATCH list. Post recs in the comments plz.
Items: 10
May 14th 2024

Horror I Like

Some favorites that come to mind. Not 100% sure about every franchise, and need to go back and re-watch some favorite classics and retro ones.
Items: 14
May 14th 2024

Entry Level Anime 4 Normies Who Hate Weaboos

( Will keep adding, post recs in the comments. )
Items: 12
May 14th 2024

MondoMirth's Favorite Films

Films I find sticking in my head, or have watched more than once.
Items: 24
May 5th 2024
Items: 7
Mar 18th 2024

Russian Classic

Film adaptations of classic works of Russian literature
Items: 4
Mar 16th 2024

Movies for Soul

Films telling about other worlds and man's place in them.
Items: 9
Mar 16th 2024


Cyberpank movies
Items: 5
Mar 4th 2024