such a great movie, much like barbie completely flipped their intended jab AND exposed their ignorance on the topic. and remember citizens, a good bug is a dead bug!

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Thanks for the shout! You're doing God's work archiving all those banned videos. Been using your site for years and even had you on a TO DO list for potential sites to advertise on. As we grow I'll try to send more people your way. Keep on keepin' on. O7

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very impressive, thank-you!

i just used the 'about', 'site tours', 'white cinema' filter ( and picked some winners.

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I have seen both and I actually prefer the shorter, movie version. But then I read the books. It's just, I disliked some of the scenes that they cut out in the movie version.

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i like the frog avis and that u dont have to sign in :3

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Interesting site, I could feel myself writing the words on your FAQ

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Agreed on this destroying the franchise. I stopped going after this. But why 5 stars? You meant 0 I assume? Many new users think all the ratings are negative. But the stars are normal and mean the positive aspects of the film like any other review site. Would you like me to change it? You can edit reviews after they're posted but it solidifies after a bit. Soon we'll update the review forms to be like this to avoid confusion:

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For TV-Shows, could you list the number of seasons and episodes on their page? Thanks.

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Thank you for the ETH!!!

Hmm, I just tried on Firefox and it seems to work.

Any add ons that might block the content? Also, we are gonna' revamp the review form so it's more minimalist and easy to understand. More professional looking and with the ability to add woke tags, family friendly tag, and any others. Similar to a Google review. Many users seems confused by the Fedora Tipping and Neo-Marxism ratings. Plus our old design for it looks like sh*t. Stay tuned. But if you have any suggestions on making it more clear, we're all ears.

Something like this?

And to clarify, the password field doesn't show unless you type a username. Otherwise it posts as Anon as default. But if you type a user name, you can make a password right then and there. Maybe we should remove this for clarity. To register properly you click the profile pic on the top right.

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When leaving a review using the top bar (next to the profile picture), there's no password field, and it's impossible to submit. Using firefox.

Also, I just left you 50 bucks in eth, check your wallet.

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Language should be German. As it is the original and you can tell by the English dub being extremely bad. Two Worlds 2 is different though, there they decided to make the game in english first and the english dub is therefore much better there.

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Thanks for the compliment and suggestion!

As a matter of fact, that's what the name "zeitgeist" is about. We don't hide our biases but we welcome everyone and want to curate various review sites and internet subcultures to give you a quick run down. It's just been a bigger struggle than previously anticipated, which is how it always goes:

Right now the Bechdel Test, CherryPicks, and MediaVersity are the pro diversity / pro woke sites we import. We just need to embed their verdicts into those circle tooltips on the side. And improve our auto-tagging relevancy algorithms so the correct movies get assigned. But you can see them being integrated into the site in a few spots:

One other issue is that we wanted to scrape web forums and give a sentiment analysis. But training a neural network for 4chan's short form, uncapitalized, 7 layers of post irony, etc. is near impossible. And even the sentiment analysis we use on critics is crap. So we'll start over and eventually just show the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative adjectives in each subculture/website. You'll be able to see how Reddit responded to "Capesh*t 3: Infinite Crossovers" v.s. 4chan.

And other than that, we spent a lot of time scraping all of the news websites because their political bias is more explicit. The prototype is here: The problem is that there are a lot of generic articles about actor gossip or whatever. Not really reviews. And the style of writing for news websites is very dry and ostensibly neutral. So a sentiment analysis for that might not be super helpful. Plus, there are tons of duplicate articles republished from Reuters.

Once we perfect this it'll be a very useful tool to see media bias and get people out of their echo-chambers. Something like this:

But there are tons of bugs and issues to tweak. And we listened to our user base who requested we prioritize other features. The first step to expanding into other zeitgeists and curating them will be a customizable New Media feed. Something like this:

( Notice the #BreadTube filter. )

This will help encourage users to crowdsource more often and submit review links. Because many video and audio reviews don't get properly tagged. The YouTube transcripts usually don't capitalize movie titles, italicize them, or put them in quotes. And many of the videos have meme titles. BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee don't even have transcripts to analyze. Plus, mirroring video and audio files on our servers is very expensive if we decided to run them through text generators. Best to leave it to you guys.

One other option would be to import all the sites from our "Internet Zeitgeist" section and generate sentiment analysis through semantic mapping. That way you could see what the most common words used by each community were, and which words were most commonly used in regard to specific aspects of the film. Like "sh*tty" & "CGI" or "Jared Leto as Joker" & "Cringe." And then this same dataset could be fed through our neural network so it can find correlations we wouldn't even think about. Then our algorithm's custom recommendations for users would be truly next level. It might notice that you rate movies with sad endings higher, but you're not even consciously aware of that fact. And you could ask the ZR Chatbot any weird question. "Give me a list of the 10 most based movies with an underrated White Male actor. Oh and make sure there's a pink dress in at least one scene."

A while ago we had simple word maps for 4chan based on word frequency. But once we added the Google Search embeds we never put it back. Because we still need to perfect the relevancy algorithm so that we're actually analyzing people talking about the film and not false positives. (E.g. Jordan Peele's "Nope" or the tv series "State of the Union")

But obviously all this brainstorming is not priority & just some long term goals on our back burner. Clearly we're autistic and have fun with data analysis but customer satisfaction is the top priority. So we're starting with that New Media aggregator and then simple adjective percentages. Then possibly word maps based on word frequency of TV scripts. (Because it's always the 3rd season when they start shoving a bunch of woke sh*t into it. Once you love the characters and are invested. We'll save you the time.)

Forgive the rant, but I hope it sparked some thoughts and users can let us know which one of these endeavors are worthwhile to prioritize.

Stay tuned. 🫡

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Love your site, this is the best movie review site out there, even counting the big ones!

just had a crazy idea btw. often a movie will be too new or too niche to have right-wing reviewers having watched it. would it be possible to refer to the most extreme left-wing reviewers in that case?

Because if the most ideologically-driven left-wing reviewers love a movie, you can guess it will be pretty woke. And if they hate it, you can guess it will be politically incorrect.

Just a thought. Keep on truckin' regardless!

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Ai, I say Ai, aint a fat dwarf like myself be willin' to watch me some
Dwarven films without thee eternal elf, hogging up al me room!! We
needin' some way to select for pural Dwarfness, good, hairy an dirty
films for me Dwarven childs.

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Glad you like it, brother!

If you have any requests or suggestions let us know. No matter how outlandish, we aim to please and like the challenge. ( One audacious goal is to set up fictional character facial recognition so you can play Star Wars games with no Shaniquas, or discriminate against Elves. Another one is to make it so the "Watch Now" links easily trigger your Smart TV to start playing. )

Or even just minor things that would help it be more convenient and increase user interaction like being able to import Letterboxd/IMDb/Amazon reviews and sync your profiles the way Gab does with Twitter, and BitChute does with YouTube.

Either way, stay tuned. Lots to come!

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Great review website use it all the time!

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Grisham who wrote the novel that this film is adapted on. Wrote the novel based on a 1984 case. In 1984 two White girls, Sisters, Julie Scott 16 years, and Marcie Scott 12 years were raped, brutally beaten and left for dead by a black man, named Willie James Harris.
Grisham, being the Liberal subversive he is, then concocted a race swap narrative for his novel depicting Whites and Southerners as the Demons you see in this egregious example of Hollywood Anti-White propaganda.
Grisham was so horrified by the plight of these young White girls that he decided to write the Anti-White slop that he did. In case you didn't know that.

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Definitely allowed. We should make that more clear somewhere.

The biggest issue is not enough activity or reviews so we were gonna' have anarchy for a while. So sh*tposts are encouraged. The only moderation would be community policed the way Odysee has a "slimed to death" option or Reddit has a "downvoted" limit. And some flagging for obvious spam or trolls. All transparent for users to see and ensure we aren't censoring anybody. The only thing would be a curse word filter that would be uncensored for premium members (paid or people who interact a lot). That way we don't scare anyone away with slurs, but also allow you guys to have free speech still.

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Thoughts on low-effort "reviews"? Like one sentence reviews or just a couple of words. I've been thinking about posting alot of them but not sure if its allowed.

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