REVIEW: I.S.S. (2024)

I.S.S. is a movie I only became aware of very recently, thanks to movie theater trailers. I like Ariana DeBose, but I more than likely never would have seen this one were it not for my husband’s penchant for space movies. Speaking of DeBose, it’s weird for her to appear in this and Argylle so close together and play a character named Kira in both. She’s a great dancer and singer and has great stage presence, but I don’t think these roles serve her well or play to her strengths at all. I never would have pegged her as “female Steve Jobs” or “naïve but nerdy astronaut” if I were asked to cast her. I didn’t like West Side Story or Wish, but she was great in both of those movies. Anyway, the trailers for I.S.S. weren’t impressive, and generally, they had no effect...

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Feb 5th 2024
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