Madame Web: The ‘psychological thriller’ that wasn’t

Since its release earlier this month, Madame Web has been viciously panned.

One writer described it as “precariously constructed.”

“To say that [lead actress Dakota] Johnson in particular phoned this performance in would be an insult to Alexander Graham Bell,” wrote a critic at the Atlantic.

They’re not wrong: The acting is wooden, the cinematography is as choppy as the plot, and the emotions fall flat. Worst of all, Madame Web could have been pretty good — if almost everything about the movie were different. 

Director S.J. Clarkson had lofty aims for Sony’s latest superhero film, saying on a Deadline podcast: “I found the whole concept of psychic powers and clairvoyance and seeing the near future and how exciting that could be, how visceral, how scary...

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Feb 27th 2024
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