REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 3, Episodes 6 and 7, “Infiltration” and “Extraction”

*SPOILERS* In “Infiltration,” Rex leads Senator Singh to a clandestine meeting with Senator Chuchi. The place is bombed by Clone X, the mysterious mercenary from season 2. He is intercepted, and another like him is sent to eliminate him. When Omega is discovered as Clone X’s secondary target, Howzer insists they bring the Batch in for questioning. Howzer and Crosshair bump heads, the former blaming Crosshair for the death of his brothers on Ryloth. Omega gives Rex what Intel she does have. However, what surprises everyone is that Crosshair opens up this time, informing Rex and Howzer about the clone operatives working for the Empire. Before the Batch can question Clone X, more of his kind attack.

“Extraction” sees Rex’s base flooded with Imperial operative clones as our heroes...

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Mar 14th 2024
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