REVIEW: The Fall Guy (2024)

The Fall Guy is for people who love movies but hate Hollywood. David Leitch’s new film is made of everything that used to make movies special: human characters we can see ourselves in, a sense of fun and exoticism, universal themes, the promise of eternal love and the fear that it may die, and the kind of action you fantasize about performing yourself. At the same time, it mocks the vapidity of movie stars, the phoniness of producers and publicists, the many modern tropes we’re sick to the teeth of, and the sense of entitlement that permeates the industry. And it’s all centered around a love for the crew members who make the movies we love possible, particularly the stuntmen.

Former stuntman Cole Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is asked to come out of retirement and double for superstar Tom...

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May 4th 2024
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