ZR Ads ( Tell a friend, send a gif! )

Tell a friend about ZR and send them one of these doodles to catch their attention! Maybe even embed these with hyperlinks to zgreviews.com to spread the word on a forum or website.
We’ve tried desperately to get mainstream support or financial backing for several years to no avail. So it’s grassroots, DIY, and word of mouth for now. That’s why we genuinely appreciate & rely on small gestures like this, even if it’s just to a group chat you’re in or something. Likewise, if you’re an artist or marketer who thinks you can do better than this, submit your fan art in the comments below please. And if you have an affordable commission rate contact us and let’s make something work. 
(No matter how big or small, we need all the help we can get.)
Thank you! 🙏🏻


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