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After the very disappointing prequel trilogy (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of Sith), and nearly 20 years to come up with something worth watching this hugely anticipated sequel to the Epic Star Wars Story was an almost complete disappointment. It seemed to me that the writers had returned to the more uplifting mood of the original trilogy and even shoehorned in many Star Wars gems such as the Millennium Vulcan, Chewy, Leia, Han Solo etc, but it quickly became apparent that the motivation to produce something of the ilk of those old films was not genuine. If we ignore these retro influences (which includes the basic arc of the story too) then what's left follows an all too familiar narrative. The focus of J.J.Abrams was clearly not primarily on entertainment here as is rarely the case I suppose now but it was so obviously about the message. Sure, there were some great scenes and the budget ensured an amazing cinematic experience but the preoccupation with demonstrating how strong independent and ...well masculine the heroine is was just annoying. Rey did not possess a single endearing quality. Of course all white males were either airbrushed out, background extras or just baddies. It was great to see Han Solo back on screen but he was summarily killed soon enough. Chewy was allowed to be a hero, so that was nice, I guess Mr Abrams is not also anti-wooky. The new heroes were exclusively and proudly female or non-white despite an overwhelming white male audience. Ok, who cares what ethnicity characters are in these films, if I thought the casting was done on the basis of striving for the most convincing, entertaining and believable outcome then it would not even be worth a mention but it's obvious (and by the director's own admission) that this is ideologically motivated. So no thanks Abrams, you are an activist not a movie maker. Added to all the wokery there is the ridiculous inconsistencies such as how Rey managed to practically defeat the arch villain Kylo Ren in their first meeting despite having just picked up a light sabre, to mention just one of many. So thanks Walt Disney, another one for the rubbish bin of Hollywood history.  
Jan 26th 2024
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