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Summary: A slave-turned-gladiator finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts, he must fight to save his beloved as Pompeii crumbles around him.
Runtime: 1 h 45 min

Movie budget: $ 100,000,000
Domestic: $ 23,219,748
International: $ 94,611,883
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Summary: Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US marshals, are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient, where Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place.
Runtime: 2 h 18 min

Country: United States
Language: English
Movie budget: $ 80,000,000
Domestic: $ 128,012,934
International: $ 166,792,763
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Summary: Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly.
Runtime: 1 h 59 min

Country: United States
Language: English
Movie budget: $ 25,000,000
Domestic: $ 39,053,061
International: $ 2,960,817
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Summary: Cindy must investigate mysterious crop circles and video tapes, and help the President in preventing an alien invasion.
Runtime: 1 h 24 min

Countries: United States, Canada
Language: English
Franchise: Scary Movie
Movie budget: $ 48,000,000
Domestic: $ 110,003,217
International: $ 110,670,000